Educating tomorrows’ leaders, in every field, with a sound Islamic upbringing

Focusing on TARBIYYAH Education and Upbringing

Combined Secular and Islamic School on the West Rand

Islamic Learning

Islamic discipline is the backbone of any institution which is in accordance with the Islamic code.

Knowledge enlightens students and regulates their practices. But, it is through Tarbiyah that they become exemplary to the world.


We Integrate and implement the South African Curriculum, focusing on high quality teaching to improve student achievement.

Using differentiated instructions in teaching and learning, we provide a variety of platforms for a learning environment that is safe, caring and inclusive.

Extra Curricular Activities

Once you accomplish something, you will start to lose the rush, so you have to push yourselves harder.

Physical education is an integral part of the school curriculum. In the pre-primary and primary classes, emphasis is on the development of gross motor skills, physical stamina, flexibility and the development of team play.

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Mualimah Raziya Hassen

English Foundation Phase Grade 1 to 3

Mualimah Megan Vorster

Gr R, Grade 2 and
3 Life Skills

Mualimah Muneera Thomas

Islaamiyaat Grade 1 to 3

Mualimah Rowena Franker

Afrikaans Foundation Phase Grade 1 to 3

Mualim Happiness Adeyemi

EMS and Mathematics Intermediate Phase

Mualimah Fozia Baccus

Mathematics Foundation Phase Grade 1 to 3
Islaamiyaat Grade R

Mualimah Azra Asvat

English Grades 4-8

Mualim Tashreeq Jinoo

Quraan & Hifdh grades 4-8

Mualimah Fadheela Kara

Afrikaans, Natural Science and Technology

Mualim Muzaffar Begg


Islamic Resource Centre

Awqaf Initiative