Management/Staffing of Sports Activities.

As far as possible, the school sport staff will manage and supervise all extra-curricular activities. Where specialist skills are required or where a member of staff is not completely familiar with all aspects of an activity, coaches will be employed.

These coaches should be equipped to manage the age group involved and have the skills and knowledge required for that activity. Professional coaches will be used as much as possible so that they can empower staff and provide the learners with the appropriate skills they require at that level.

All coaching staff will report to the sport co-ordinator and ultimately the Principal


The Sports educator in charge of an activity is to encourage and motivate learners to participate. The Physical Education session forms part of the school day that closes at 15h15 and is compulsory.

Participation in sporting codes is preferable but optional. But once a commitment to an activity is made, it is expected that the pupil will see the full programme through. Each child is given the opportunity to learn skills and develop talent, to exercise and to enhance physical well-being. Valuable life skills are learned through sport and the School recognises the activity as a valuable and imperative part of a learner's development.

Sports Offered

This category of extra-curricular activity is open to all pupils at no additional cost.

Here the focus will be on providing learners with the skills, rules and application required in the major sporting codes.

Attention will be given to the major sporting codes promoted at school level.

Main Sporting Codes

Sports offered at present are limited to:

Table Tennis

Should additional sporting codes be proposed for inclusion in this category this must be approved by the Principal after consultation with the Management Team.

Specialists may be contracted in to offer activities at any level. The person in charge of sport will manage this involvement.

Alternative Sports

These activities may require additional fees to be levied to participants.

This category of sport will cater for the many varieties of alternative outdoor sports found at present. These activities should promote a healthy lifestyle and genuine physical activity. These activities must instill skills and laws through a disciplined and structured approach.

Proposed Sports

Alternative sports proposed for consideration thus far are:


It is possible that some alternative sports may be run by outside individuals in conjunction with the school and the person in charge of sport.

These service providers will levy additional fees for such activities in order to cover their costs. Persons running such programmes will need to agree terms with the School and may need to sign a contract once finalised.

As far as possible, staff will be associated and involved in these level.

Extra Curricular Clubs

Florida Islamic School learners are encouraged to participate in a dynamic programme of club activities offered at the school.


Some of the Clubs and activities include:

The Media Club
Dale Carnegie
Generation Next
Mathematics Club
Interact Club
Drama Society