About Us

More About Our School

Florida Islamic School was established in 2015 and is registered with the department of Education as an independent school.

The school was started to fulfill the needs of the growing Muslim community in Florida and surrounding areas.
After market research, it was discovered that most Muslim children in the area attend private school; mostly Christian based while some attended Muslim schools but had to travel quite a distance to get there.

The biggest problem however was the large number of learners who do not attend Madressah because of lack of transport.
On further enquiry as to whether an Islamic school would address these issues, it was found to be favourable.
As we are in our first year of operation we have overcome a lot of difficulties, but the road ahead to reach our vision is still long.

Our Vision

Educating tomorrows’ leaders, in every field, who have a sound Islamic upbringing.

Our Mission

We are a school seeing to the needs of learners by providing them with excellent secular and Islamic education as well as extracurricular activities in a safe environment.

Building Strong Community Relationships

Florida Islamic School will provide opportunities for the students to learn in an Islamic environment and develop them into responsible Muslims who contribute to South African society.

Florida Islamic School will strive to build strong internal and external community relationships to improve students' learning and achievement.

Our Commitment

FIS maintains a commitment to fulfill the intended purpose of starting by:

Employing qualified educators

Upholding the teachings of Islam

Ensuring the safety of all learners

Zero tolerance to bullying, or racism

As part of the school fees extracurricular activities is provided.

Grades Offered

Grade One to Grade Eight